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NecksGen REV Head and Neck Restraint Devise
NecksGen REV Head and Neck Restraint Devise

NecksGen REV Head and Neck Restraint

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SFI 38.1 certified, the REV is features a lightweight, carbon-composite structure that is designed to be used together with the vehicle's racing-harness system to help prevent head and neck injuries in frontal or side impacts.
Part Number: NG22 Rev
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The NecksGen REV is a revolutionary head and neck restraint designed specifically with adjustablilty, angular impact protection, comfort, and affordability in mind. Manufactured from a lightweight carbon fiber DuPont composite material, the NecksGen REV weighs a mere 1.8 pounds and features unique body forming shoulder pads minimizing the pressure points on the collarbones.  Designed with a single adjustable lateral helmet tether, the NecksGen unit provides an alternate load path for superior side on impact protection.

The medium 3" REV is the most popular size. Works with 2" or 3" shoulder harnesses and fits up to a 6" wide neck comfortably. 

One set of quick release helmet hardware is included with each NecksGen REV.

  • NecksGen REV are designed and made in the USA, using the latest carbon fiber composite DuPont material. Not only are these materials lightweight (unit weighs just over a pound), but they are extremely strong. 
  • SFI 38.1 Certification- All NecksGen head and neck restraints have passed the mandated SFI 38.1 testing procedures. Due to the innovative features of the designs, the NecksGen head and neck restraints have surpassed our expectations in test results. 
  • Quick Release Helmet Hardware- Unique single hand quick eject helmet attachment system
  • Padding- The shoulder and collarbone padding provide added comfort to the unit 
  • 3" or 2" shoulder belt fitment:  Size Large and Medium 3" NecksGen REV works with both 2" or 3" shoulder belts.    Small size accepts 2" belts only. 
  • The wings aid in keeping your harness in place under impact. Even in multiple impact situations where the belts could loosen. 
  • Tension Neutralizing Tether- Using a proprietary single tension-neutralizing tether (TNT), the loads under impact are distributed through four different load paths. This unique system offers an equal distribution of forces under impact. This system also offers a full range of head motion and side and angular impact protection. 
  • Low Profile Design- The low profile design makes egress in and out of the car in an emergency easier. 
  • Only Need One Device - NecksGen REV Works in Any Race Car and With Every Seat Angle.

Slack Test for NecksGen Tethers:
Checking tether length

Get buckled in your car as if you are ready to race and look straight ahead to the horizon.

Have a helper lightly pull any slack from the tether all to one side. 

Pinch the tether to form a loop and measure the total length of the excess tether. 

This number should be 2.0 inches total (1 inch pinch). This is the ideal amount of slack.  REV tethers are available from NecksGen in one inch increments.

If you do not have 2 inches of slack, contact NecksGen for an appropriate length tether for your situation.

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